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Persian Diatessaron Republished in Iran!

Posted by: Sepehr Mohamadi in: ● April 27, 2009

Dear Friends,

It’s my pleasure to inform that, last week Persian Diatessaron has been republished by Asatir Publication in Iran-Tehran.

Within several days, this book should be online at this site and you can order it.

What is very important, is that, there seems small relation between this book and Tatian’s Diatessaron.

The translator of Persian Diatessaron seems that rewrote the Gospel according to Tatian and fill in the blank wherever Tatian missed anything from the four canonical gospels.

For the Moment, I would like to show you some pages of this book:

(for larger views please click on the pics)

Persian Diatessaron Book Cover

Persian Diatessaron Book Cover

Persian Diatessaron Four Evangelists

Persian Diatessaron Four Evangelists

Persian Diatessaron Original Book Cover

Persian Diatessaron Original Book Cover

As you can see, the Syriac Estrangelo, is the script that the book originally translated, from and can be found in some portions of the book yet.

The translation table of this Diatessaron Gospel also very important that Giuseppe Messina in last year of his life published in Rome in 1951 under the name Diatessaron Persiano.

I’m studying on this book now and hope to publish the translation table of Arabic and Persian Diatessaron soon.

Please also visit my new project at

It’s a wiki that set it’s mission to shed light on the Diatessaron, it’s history, different versions, theories about it and anything related to Diatessaron.

Please help this project to accumulate anything regarding this book.


Sepehr Mohamadi

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